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Knowledge Museum

Interactive virtual museum

Project brief

Project year :

My role : 

Tools used :


UX research, UI designing and prototyping

Figma, Unity

Project type :

University project

Taking inspiration

Exploring different exhibit layouts and gray boxes to take a design direction

Design statement

I was only ten years old when I received my first camera as a birthday present. Even though it was a simple point
and shoot, it marked the beginning of my journey into the world of photography. As I grew older, one would find me exploring the streets of Mumbai, with my camera in toe scouting 
for and wanting to capture interesting, tiny life moments.  My interest in street style photography stemmed from my admiration for the work of Steve McCurry, an American photographer. 


For one of my  workshop projects, while learning to use Unity Gaming Engine, I decided it was a good opportunity for me to design an interactive museum showcasing some of his work.  The outcome is a museum that displays some of his most renowned pieces while also providing the user with a variety of interactions and a surrealist museum experience.

Designing an interactive museum

Exhibit design layout

Different exhibit design themes were explored for the museum

Vertual  Museum

Interactive museum prototype designed using Unity Gaming Engine

Taking design direction

Developing a moodpboard to portray a mood and feel of calmness, hope, energy and positivity

Developing high fidelity screens

Based on identified user flow and taking inspiration from the moodpboard, high fidelity screens were developed

Final thoughts

Developing the museum was a fantastic opportunity for me to dip into my passion and share my journey as well as my favourite photographer. There were several takeaways from the second project. There are various areas in my museum where the user interacts with a trigger to cause something to activate. As a result, it was critical to inform the user that a specific item was interactable, and UI basics played a significant role in this

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