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Hey, I'm Dhruv,

A UX / UI designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I make use of design thinking skills to create digital products that are easy to use, look awesome, and have a meaningful impact on people. With a background in Finance, my strength lies in constantly learning new things every day. I love exploring new places, taking pictures and drinking coffee while cherishing the beautiful city skyline of Melbourne!

Successful and novel innovation is predicated upon the evolving needs, wants, and desires of humans. I aspire to deliver efficient and effective user-centric solutions by creating experiences that enrich human lives.

2022 - Master of Design in Interaction design  / Monash University, Australia 

2019 / Now -  Freelance UX/UI and graphic designer

2023 - Teaching Associate / Monash University

My career

In free time

When I'm not working on a project or uncovering new ideas, you will find me exploring new places, with my camera in toe scouting for and wanting to capture interesting, tiny life moments of ordinary people. 

Awarded with interaction design high achievement award  / capstone project

  • Teaching students at Monash University

  • Work Featured in Monash University - MADA NOW Exhibition

  • Working on few freelance gigs

  • Listening to Low Fi Chill on SPOTIFY

Latest updates

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