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Design renewal project

Project brief

Project year :

My role : 

Tools used :


UI designing


Project type :

Personal project

Hot Doc application UI design renewal

In this project of mine,  I re-designed the UI of existing HotDoc application for fun to make it more engaging!

Illustrative style

The application's redesigned user interface is rich in experience, allowing users to execute their jobs with ease. Outlined vectors mixed with soft edges, icons, and subtle shadows, inspired by artistic style, aid in the smooth flow 
of both content and the user experience. A warm analogous colour theme contributes to the users' impression of harmony, calm, and tranquillity. Being a text heavy app, information hierarchy is achieved using cards.

Visual research

Style tile

Developing a design system for the new UI

Taking design direction

Developing a moodpboard to portray a mood and feel of calmness, hope, energy and positivity

Developing high fidelity screens

Based on identified user flow and taking inspiration from the moodpboard, high fidelity screens were developed

Final thoughts

Developing the museum was a fantastic opportunity for me to dip into my passion and share my journey as well as my favourite photographer. There were several takeaways from the second project. There are various areas in my museum where the user interacts with a trigger to cause something to activate. As a result, it was critical to inform the user that a specific item was interactable, and UI basics played a significant role in this

New HotDoc UI design

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