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mindfulness application


We are swamped with a lot of things in our regular lives
of rushing and bustle, leaving us with very little or no time
to deal with our personal issues. Such overwhelmingness frequently manifests as worry, temper difficulties, anxiousness, and so forth. To deal with this, the mobile application’s concept is to allow the user to calm themselves down by following a breathing rhythm. Shanti is a Hindi term that refers to
 peace and serenity in one’s life, and it uses mobile sensors
 including microphone, tilt, and haptic feedback, to mention a few to help the user.

Project year :

My role : 

Tools used :


UI designing and prototyping

Figma, Protopie

Project type :

University project

How the application works

A mindfulness application

Developing a 3 Act Story for the App

Following Tim Stout's 3 Act Story structure, I developed a story for the user while interacting with the mobile application. This helped me visualise a user flow and sketch some very basic UI Screens for each act depicting how the user would interact with the application.

Designing the prototype

An interactive prototype was designed using protopie

Taking design direction

Developing a moodpboard to portray a mood and feel of calmness, hope, energy and positivity

Developing high fidelity screens

Based on identified user flow and taking inspiration from the moodpboard, high fidelity screens were developed

Final thoughts

Mindfulness is a must in today's hectic lifestyle. While the focus was to design something simple and subtle, through this application I also got to learn the process of 4 step breathing.

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