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An interactive voice user interface kiosk


One of the ground-breaking systems used to maximise profit
is the ability to order food without getting out of the vehicle. Although the method is effective, it has mostly remained the same. Through this project, I want to explore how the user 
may place an order by speaking to a voice assistant and 
how the entire experience could be made more enjoyable
and user-friendly.

Project year :

My role : 

Tools used :


UI designing and prototyping

Figma, Protopie

Project type :

University project

Developing kiosk's user interface

An interactive UI was developed for the kiosk keeping in mind the McDonald's brand identity guidelines

The drive thru VUI experience

Following is the journey map of a customer entering the drive thru and placing order using the VUI kiosk

VUI kiosk user flow

Developing a reward based system

Cue, craving, response, and reward are all necessary components of habit formation. Since students are constantly looking for internships and freebies (craving), I decided to develop a band-based system in which students would receive points depending on their grades (response). Each band has its own incentives, and the higher the band a student is in, the more rewards are unlocked. In order to spur them on to study more and earn a higher band, students may also check what band their classmates are in (cue).

Developing low fidelity user flow

Quickly ideating some low fidelity screens, iterating the layouts and developing a final user flow before developing high fidelity prototype. 

Taking design direction

Developing a moodpboard to portray a mood and feel of calmness, hope, energy and positivity

Developing high fidelity screens

Based on identified user flow and taking inspiration from the moodpboard, high fidelity screens were developed

Final thoughts

Because the user must engage with a screen rather than a person, the entire ordering process may be made more user centred. This can also assist minimise the issues that customers with a different mother tongue confront when placing orders, making the entire process faster and more efficient.

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